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Midnight Vigils Blend: Special Edition

Midnight Vigils Blend: Special Edition

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Midnight Vigils Blend: Special Edition. The same robust yet smooth blend but with a hint of peach added to the traditional bittersweet chocolate tones.

Midnight Vigils Blend was released in 2008 as a gourmet extra dark coffee and has been very popular ever since. For the Special Edition we've added some Ethiopian to add depth and a hint of fruit.  The Latin American coffees that make up the blend were selected for their balance of boldness sweetness and smoothness. Intensely aromatic Midnight Vigils Blend is an ideal candidate for espresso-based drinks (especially lattes).

Please note: This is a made to order blend so allow an extra 1 - 2 business days before your order is shipped.

12 ounces.

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